About us

Cia. Artesanal de Canterias Arucas, S.L., Cantería de Arucas, began trading in March 1986 in order to revive the Arucas natural stone sector, which given its high cost,  had disappeared from the market. Commercial activity was reconceptualised based on a quality product at the right price, with the company also tackling the entire extraction and manufacturing process at the plant in Lomo Tomás de León, in Arucas. The introduction of mining and cutting machinery alongside the definition of brand new products, such as the 2 cm slab, meant that prices for both restoration and new works had become acceptable.

At this early introductory stage, the commitment to service, measurement, fitting and design were strengthened, which together with the quality and tradition of the product provided a steady growth in consumption until 2008, the beginning of the present crisis.

In addition to the basic product, Arucas stone attempted to diversify with the exploitation of other Canary Island stone. Hence from 1987-1990 stone from Barranquillo Andrés- Soria and Tirma was developed. 1992 saw the beginning of Tindaya stone exploitation until 1994 and Bermeja Mountain, in Tefía, to the present day. In 2001 the Rosa Silva deposits were extracted in Arucas and Ayagaures in San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

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